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iki pro 14-21 electric heater

IKI Pro 21

IKI Pro – professional-use heater, but with elegant looks.

The IKI Pro electric heater (20,7 kW) is designed for professional use in shared and public saunas, such as in apartment buildings, swimming halls, sports halls, spas and other facilities where the heater is in heavy daily use. The heater’s resistors are in main covered with a separate grid that protects them against deformation and premature degradation caused by heavy use. The heater’s stone capacity is a staggering 240 kilograms, which lends the sauna a soft and moist steam.

IKI Pro’s open sanded pipe structure lets air circulate, thus speeding up the heating time. In addition to functionality and durability, the aim with the design was to challenge conventional dull-looking institutional heaters, offering an elegant alternative to the market.


Size of sauna
20-35 m³
Max. amount of stones
240 kg
Height of the sauna heater
79 cm
88 / 44 cm
Heating time
45-70 min
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Connecting cable
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