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Original IKI

Original IKI sauna stove is the classic model by IKI-Kiuas. All other IKI stove designs are based on this one. The Original IKI stove is suitable for a 353-882 ft³ sized sauna room.

The stove can take in 485 lbs of stones, which guarantee a fully satisfying heat even to the most enthusiastic sauna-goers. However, for those who enjoy a more subtle heat, the sides of the stove give out a gentle and humid steam.

The quick heating time of approximately 1 hour is made possible by the 1 m2 contact area between the furnace and the stones. When heated the heavy-duty spiral fire pipe burns red transmitting heath quickly to the stones.

Our elegant sauna stoves are built in Finland, hand-made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials that meet the most demanding standards.


Size of sauna
353-882 ft³ / 10-25 m³
Max. amount of stones
485 lbs / 220 kg
Height of the sauna heater
32.3 inches / 82 cm
Diameter of the mesh
23.6 inches / 60 cm
Diameter of the furnace
13 inches / 33 cm
Length of the furnace
23.6 inches / 60 cm
Weight w/o stones
154 lb / 70 kg

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