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IKI SL outside heated stove offers the ultimate IKI sauna bathing experience with a massive amount of stones.

You can heat up the sauna from outside, with massive 1-metre woodlogs, and enjoy the stove also as a fireplace.

Operating the stove from outside helps keep the saunaroom tidy. The massive amount of stones guarantees long-lasting heat, even after the fire goes out. With only 10cm safety distances to flammable materials on the sides of the stove, you have more options for the sauna benches.

IKI SL wood-burning stove is also available as a plus-sized model (with 100 cm upper mesh).


Size of sauna
15-30 m³
Max. amount of stones
300 kg / with Plus mesh 360 kg
Height of the sauna heater
75 cm / With Plus mesh 175 cm
Diameter of the mesh
60 cm
Diameter of the furnace
33 cm
Length of the furnace
95 cm
Weight w/o stones
100 kg