Official partner of Santa Claus

Santa Claus sauna

Christmas Eve sauna is one of the most common Finnish traditions and without it, Christmas does not feel the same. Despite Santa Claus is a jolly sauna enthusiast, he´s the one that doesn´t have a chance to enjoy the tradition.

Santa of course performs important tasks on Christmas Eve by visiting all the children of the world. Santa Claus uses magic dust to speed up his journey and after the job well done Santa has finally time to take a sauna and enjoy the good heat of original IKI which Santa Claus has chosen as his official sauna product.

IKI and Santa Claus Cooperation

Santa Claus and IKI have started a warm cooperation this year. The meaning of the right kind of sauna stove or heater is important to Santa Claus, because Santa also gains strength and peace in his everyday life by taking sauna. IKI is an official partner chosen by Santa Claus himself, so each of us can be sure that all IKI products with Santa´s logo is made with great care to last, bring joy, good mood and heat every day to every owner of an IKI.

Santa Claus appreciates Finnish craftsmanship, durability and good heat. That’s why IKI is Santa’s choice as his official product.

The Santa Claus Foundation

The Santa Claus Foundation donates a yearly present to the children of the world together with the partners of Santa Claus. The values of the Santa Claus Foundation are goodwill, authenticity, cooperation and joy. The Santa Claus Foundation with their partners create unique positive value based on kindness and caring and remind people that there are never too many good deeds and sustainable actions, and that there is always demand for more of them.
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Finnish high-quality craftsmanship

Every IKI sauna stove and heater is manufactured by hand in Finland from high-quality materials with uncompromising skill and devotion to detail. The potency of the IKI sauna is based on the age-old tradition of using a large mass of stones to store and emit heat. Tapping into this ancient wisdom, IKI brings the smooth and moist steam, robust heat and air rich with oxygen to modern day sauna-bathers. Thanks to IKI sauna stoves and heaters, this exquisite sauna-bathing experience can be recaptured and replicated in any sauna of any size in cities as in the countryside on weekdays and holidays alike.

And of course, in Christmas sauna.

Flamingo Spa

The Flamingo Spa opened its doors to the public in September 2008. Four of the sauna rooms in the adult spa and treatment world are heated by an IKI electric heater.

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The floating water sports centre in the Keilaniemi area in Espoo, Finland, consists of a giant water park, two cable wakeboarding tracks, an exceptional setting for kayaking and SUP boarding as well as a wood-heated sauna built into a shipping container.

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Health benefits of sauna – Five reasons why sauna is good for you

The health benefits related to sauna bathing have been a topic of many research studies. Sauna bathing has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death, for example. Sauna bathing has a similar effect on the bloodstream as mildly strenuous exercise. The body temperature rises, blood flows to the surface of the skin and sweating increases.

According to research, sauna bathing is beneficial to the heart, lungs and the brain. It alleviates stress, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and increases mental well-being.

Here´s five reasons why sauna is good for your health:

  1. It´s good for your heart
  2. Sauna relieve stress
  3. It lowers blood pressure
  4. It´s good for you skin
  5. Sauna speeds up recovering after sports

The Finnish sauna has been considered a cure or part of the treatment for many different diseases throughout history. An old Finnish saying goes: “if sauna, tar and booze do not help, the disease is deadly”.